Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hannah and Andrew at their Best

Well, Today has been a pretty scarry day. There was a funnel cloud spotted at the Perry Hospital which is right down the street from us. Of course, because I don't normally watch news, Sandy had to call and tell me. The sirens were going off, Hannah and Andrew freaking out. It was not fun at all. Then we decided to listen to the music from the Jonas Brothers. The kids were dancing in the kitchen so I decided to take pictures of them.

Hannah was dancing with Joe Jonas, her favorite Jonas Brother. The one that I found a heart drawn on her paper with I (heart) Joe on it. She is only 7 years old by golly...too young for I heart anyone!

Andrew then was dancing with his Buzz and Woody picture. He thought it was funny. They are the comedy in my life and keep me well grounded.

I started spotting the other day and the doctor said it was either by doing too much but wanted me to take it easy and rest. I have been doing as such. The one thing I have to remember is my rest is not what the doctor is talking about. It is the rest that you get when you relax and do nothing. I rest and that just means a day away from the office. I have faithfully taken all the meds he has given me and we should start seeing a difference in a couple of weeks.

Well, I best end here. Have a great day. Can't wait to see Mom and Grandma.

Lots of Love to all


Friday, August 22, 2008

2nd Grade, 3 Year old Tantrums and much more

Doesn't he just look like a little man? He is too cute and sweet to match.

Wow, I have always said what I would give to switch places with my dh and he could work and I would stay home. I have learned in this last two weeks that I could not switch places with him. Not that I am not capable but I would go absolutely bonkers. Andrew really did not have the Terrible 2's but he sure has had the Terrible 3's. I am trying to break him of his whining and throwing Tantrums (mostly crying fits) when he does not get his way. OH MY GOODNESS....he's loud when he screams. I have just learned to tune him out and send him to his room. Other than a few of these that occur, my son is the most gentle, loving, child I know. He loves to hold my hand and make me smile. He is very sweet about my tummy after my surgery. He discovered something yesterday and was so smart telling me that I have an A and an H on my tummy. If you look at the incisions and where the stitches were, on my right side I have an "H like in sissys name he said and an A like me" he exclaimed. It was rather cute.

Hannah is doing very well in school. I had a parent, teacher, and principal conference yesterday. We aired out our differences and cleared the air. I explained to the teacher that I in no way was questioning her abilities as a teacher but I was questioning her ability to have a two way conversation with another adult. I felt that each and every time I tried to have a discussion with her it was one sided (her way) and she was not going to budge. But Thank God for Dr. Witt, the principal at Morningside Elementary. She understood where I was coming from and explained to the teacher that open communication had to happen and her directions need to be clear and percise. She also needed to send home any communication in writing versus through the children because 7 years olds do not translate themessage as clearly as her writing her instructions would be. We ended saying that we have a clean slate, we will do better communicating. She did say that Hannah was her little helper and secretary. She said that Hannah keeps her on her toes when she is doing work with the class. I know that Hannah is a good girl in school and I have nothing to worry about Behavior wise or Academic wise for her. But just like any other 7 year old, she wants to sometimes be lazy and not do her work the right way and I just have to steer her in a better direction. Hannah aced 100% on her first spelling test. She has another one today and I know she will do fine. We prepared like we did last week. She knows her poem and all is GOOD with her. The Jonas Brothers were in Atlanta Wednesday night. She was bummed she did not get to go but understood that it was not feasable with my surgery only being 1 week out.

Back to Dr. Witt a minute, she is a military Brat, lived in Okinawa when she was young, has had a hysterectomy, is on WW now, ...now doesn't that sound familiar. When I told her that I was a military brat, lived in Okinawa, graduated from HS there, had a hysterectomy a week ago(she asked me how because she was told she was too large to have hers done laproscopic) I told her mine was Laproscopic and Dr. Heaton did it. She was amazed. We hit it off really well and have a lot in common. This school is going to be all right with her at the drivers seat.

Sandy checks in on me almost daily and makes sure I don't need anything or that I am not doing too much. While San was away at the mini family reunion, Birthday and Anniversary Celebration at the farm with her in-laws, Elaine called and invited us over for Dinner on Sunday. She is such a good friend to me and my family. The kids got to go swimming and they had a wonderful time.

I got my stitches out and had my one week visit. I pulled one of my incisions and Dr. Heaton told me to be careful with that. I am taking my medicine for my bladder disorder. He asked me to please keep my stress levels down and insure that I am getting more than enough rest. I told him that I tire really easy and I don't get much done. He said that is to be expected and will probably last until about the 4th or 5th week post op.

Well, I have bent your eyes enough....everyone have a GREAT weekend.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

The latest and greatest...

All is well, I am on my second day of recovery from surgery. It is not fun being cooped up in the house. Hannah and Andrew are being very careful as to not touch my belly. Andrew is having a hard time understanding why he cannot sit on my lap or in the recliner with me right now. I have explained it to him but when he is upset he wants his mommy.

Here's Andrews favorite thing to do now: Play on the computer either at Disney or Noggin. He has really learned to master the mouse. Of course his sister helps him a bit. Here's a picture of him...Cute HUH?
Hannah is doing good in school. She likes her teacher and even though I can't say the feeling is mutual, as long as she is being treated good and getting her lessons learned then I won't complain. She loves going to school and loves reading.
Matt is doing good taking care of me and so is my sister Sandy. She has been really good making us meals, watching Andrew and just being there to listen. THANK YOU both for taking the best care of me.
Work is doing fine. They will get a groove going and won't even miss me.
Well, I must go lay down. I am starting to hurt a bit.
Lots of Love to you all.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Update for the Week

Tomorrow Hannah starts 2nd grade....I am feeling so old. I am going to reserve judgment on the new school and her teacher. I am going to go on the record as saying...."I don't like her teacher" but I will give it a good 2-3 weeks before I start sqwaking to the principal to have her moved. She is totally into the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, High School Musical 1, 2, and 3 and Camp Rock. Now I know how my mom felt when I was into Scott Baio, Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stephenson. OH my, has she got it bad. She wants everything with the Jonas Brothers on it. She likes all three but is crushing on JOE. He's the one in the middle.

Andrew is the little follower and loves everything his sister likes. He is into Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. He likes to sing and dance and always likes to make people laugh.

My surgery has been changed to the 12th. I have my pre-op on the 8th. Please put me in your prayers during this. Work is work...I enjoy it but it is majorly grueling.

Hope all is well with everything Have a great week.