Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Cheer and Fun

We all went to Callaway Gardens to see the Christmas Lights in the Gardens. It was fun and exciting for the kids. It was quite cold so we decided not to ride the trolly but to drive our own van through the Gardens to see the lights.

Here's a few pictures of what we saw, we hope you enjoy. I'll try and blog again near Christmas. Lots of Love

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Brownies, Christmas Dinner and Holiday Fun!

This week has been a fun filled week. Hannah graduated from Daisies to Brownies this week. She was so excited. She has to do 3 good deeds to be able to turn her Brownie pin right side up. Everyone that eats Girl Scout Cookies needs to think of Hannah and order. Oh my, the Girls Scouts are really serious about their cookies. I had to sign my life away in order for Hannah to sell them. The only reason is because in the past some parents took advantage of the cookie money and did not turn it in. Therefore, Girl Scouts wants to be able to recoup their money. Hannah's leader Linda told us that a Mom from her other troop did not turn in $900. I could not imagine someone doing that. Anyway....think Cookies....Call Hannah.

We also went to Hannah's Christmas dinner at her school. We had a good time visiting with Hannah and her classmates with some of their family members. Here's a picture of Hannah and Andrew that I think is adorable and another of Hannah being silly. Andrew says Sissy is Rudolph. Here's a video of Andrew having fun swinging around the pole waiting to eat lunch with sissy.

Matt got bit by the creative bug again and made some yard ornaments with the kids. They are very cute and we absolutely love them...especially the candy canes on the house.

Mom...hope you are feeling better and healing fast.
Lots of Love to all!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Weekly Update

I have finally felt a bit better with my back.
Hannah came home today feeling really good. She got an E on her spelling test which means she spelled all her words correctly. She is very proud of that large red E on her paper and we are proud of her!
Andrew is being a difficult one to potty train. He verbally tells you he does not want to wear underwear he wants his diapers. I am just not going to buy them anymore and he is going to have to learn to go on the potty. I don't know any other way to go accept cold turkey.
Matt is doing a side job for a Doctors office. He's filling up some holes in their dry wall and repainting. It allows him to get out of the house and a break from the kids. Especially since I have been working so much.
Well the holidays are almost over and then I am working just as hard getting ready for Inventory. My break will be in February.
Everyone have a great week and know that we all love you and pray for each of you daily.
Just a little bit of Andrew to brighten your day.