Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update for the Week.

Matt's brother Michael made it home and is doing well from Matt's last conversation with him. All the prayers and thoughts are appreciated. Hannah is spending the night at a girlfriends house. We had our first swimming incident with Andrew yesterday. He was swimming with his daddy at Elaine's pool and Matt turned for a minute and Andrew took a step off the stairs. He only wanted Mommy to swim with him after that....but eventually got back in the pool with Daddy. He would not let go of Matt's neck. SCARRY>>>>
Here's some pictures...the ones of Andrew were after his ordeal......first scarred and then having a great time with DAD.

Lots of Love to all
Matt, Deb, Hannah and Andrew

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Andrew - Hammin it up!

Andrew decided that he wanted his picture taken. Thought I would take it in his shirt that says 99% Angel. Because that is so not how he was acting when I wanted a picture of him and Hannah. Now he decided to be a ham and pose for a picture by himself and then his sister and him acting silly with their sunglasses. As soon as he saw the post of sissy he wanted his picture up on the blog.

Well, gotta run.


Love to all


Aunt Sandy and Hannah

Here's Hannah with her projects. Hannah went to Aunt Sandy's Kids Paint and Craft class on Friday and made some neat items that she is so proud. She says she wants to learn to paint like Aunt Sandy. I told her of course that was the only way to learn to paint was from Aunt Sandy because Mommy would not be able to paint like that. I have other talents that I will teach her but Aunt Sandy will have to be the one to teach you to be crafty and painting plus Aunt Linda will have to teach you to decorate.

Andrew refused to pose for my pictures. He was having a melt down because we did not want him bringing his toys in the car. We were going to wash it and clean out the inside and did not want his toys to get sucked by the big vacuum. He actually talked on the phone to Mom and Dad today. He sang his ABC's. He is so talkative now it is not even funny. Used to be he would not talk now he won't stop talking.


Lots of Love to all. Have a great week.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update and Feet?

GROSS GROSS GROSSS...I KNOW BUT's the deal...I have a reaction to something on my feet. I had a pedicure a while ago and received an infection under my has progressed to all over my toes. I have blisters, red and inflamed toes that are disgusting. I am posting a picture of this yuckiness....but just think about a thousand needles being poked into your toes and that is how I feel. I want to dig them until they fall off they itch so bad. I saw a podiatrist today and he prescribed some ointment and antibiotics, hopefully it will work because I can't even put shoes on.
Here's the update on my Brother In Law from an email from Maureen:
I did hear from Celine with an update as Michael was released from the hospital last evening. It's a slow process and they are trying to take it nice and easy. They plan to stay at the hotel near the hospital for a day or two to sleep and rest without all the interruptions of the hospital and noises. Michael ate six saltine crackers yesterday - the first food in a week.
Well, that's all for now...hope none of you ate before you saw this....YUCK!
Have a great day. I should have more pictures of the kids this weekend since I'M OFF! Yep the whole weekend.
Have a good one.
Love all

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I don't have an update on my brother in law yet. I guess no news is good news.
Here's some pictures of my overly dramatic son, telling me to take pictures of him with his angry face. So here they are....

Hope he made you smile and laugh as he does for me every day.

Lots of love to all


Monday, June 16, 2008


I found out yesterday from my beautiful sister-in-law Maureen that my wonderful brother-in-law, Michael O'Brien is in the hospital. He is having to have repair surgery on a ruptured appendix from last year. He is having some fluid retention and Celine is going to be talking to the doctors today. Just want to lift the man that glues the O'Brien family together up in our prayers.

You are in our prayers and our hearts Michael. Get Well Soon.

Matt, Debra, Hannah and Andrew.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I know I know...I finally am updating my blog.

Happy Fathers Day to Daddy, Uncle David, Uncle Steven and my husband Matt.

Hope this finds all of you guys well. Hannah has finished school and is having a good summer. We are trying to make as many trips to the pool because the cost of gas will not allow us to take any trips out of town.
Hannah is going into the 2nd grade and I am still in shock she will no longer be at the Primary School but in the Elementary School. She'll be with the Big Big kids but I know she will do just fine. She loves to read and watch Disney TV. She loves Hannah Montana and High School Musical.
She's still a girl scout but is thinking about playing soccer this year instead of participating in girl scouts. She is making these decisions this summer.

Isn't she beautiful???

Andrew is getting bigger everyday. I remember there was a time when Andrew would not talk to anyone. He would just cling to our legs and hide. He still does that when he is extremly tired. The other day we were at my work and he was eating lunch with two of my co-workers and they said he talked and talked. He would not be quiet. They have never known Andrew to be the talkative one and Hannah quiet because she did not say much and he kept the conversation going.

He's just so big now.

Here's a picture of the both of them and then I am going to stop. Hope everyone had a great FATHERS Day. I will try no promises to blog more often. It is rough at work...trying to get the sales above last year. We did it in May and came off the Bad list to the Good list in the Good/Bad/Ugly list. So we are on our way to redeeming the store but it is taking a lot of hard work.

Keep the smiles going and We love you all.