Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great First Day

It was a great first day for both Andrew and Hannah. Andrew's teacher sent home a note that he plunged right in and made friends. The boxes were not checked said Missed You and had seperation anxiety. That's good that he was happy and felt safe at school but I sure wish he missed me a litte wink wink.
Lots of Love All


MOM said...

You had the separation anxiety :>)

Sandy said...

Can't believe he's already on a school bus!! before you know it he'll be graduating high school. Tell him Aunt Sandy is proud of him!
Have a great day.

Linda said...

Love this picture of Andrew.
hugs and kisses to the kids.
love ya sis

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Andrew, one to hang on to. I can't believe the years that have gone by. Both Hannah and Andrew in school, Now it is homework, activities, etc.
That part I know because everything
starts up for me in a couple of weeks. Here we go. Thank you for
the email. Love, Grandma

Sandy said...

Okay sister!! How bout an update!!! Love ya. Sandy

Sandy said...

Okay sister!!! 8 months now - post some pictures for us!!
Happy Easter! Love ya

MOM said...

Well where is 2010 going to school pic???