Sunday, January 13, 2008

Work, Brownies, and Potty Training!'s been a while. We had a sickly Holiday. Stomach flu went from Hannah to Andrew to me in just 4 days. We were all sickly. But now we are coming down from the Holiday Hussle to the Inventory Crunch. Feels like the pace has not slowed down. Work is hectic as ever. Our new GM will be visiting town this week to try and find a home and learn about the area. Getting ready for inventory is a beast in itself and being that I am responsible for the inventory it is crazy.

Hannah has started selling her Girl Scout Cookies. She went door to door today and sold 25 boxes. She only had 2 people tell her no. She was very proud. Hannah received her report card and did very well. She only has two areas to work on. One is confidence in her reading. We are working on that. She is also working on a challenge for reading to be able to win a ticket to six flags.

Andrew is potty training. He has discovered that he can stand up to go tinkle. He loves it. Matt showed him how to sink stuff in the toilet and now that is the new favorite thing to do. He wore big boy undies today and did not have an accident. He is still going to wear pull ups at night and when we go out, but at home he is going to wear big boy underwear to learn to go potty. He is so cute and growing like a weed every day. Wish us Luck.

Lots of Love